The advantages of a minicrane

  1. It passes where others stop.
  2. It always reaches near the load to be lifted.
  3. Very high lifting capacity compared to its stabilizing surface.
  4. Protected delicate parts such as the cylinders of the pistons.
  5. Even distribution of the weight on the floor.
  6. Better reach in case of obstacles.
  7. Compliance with all safety standards.
  8. It is radio-remote controlled and its operator always controls the load from a safe and convenient position.
  9. 3 types of power, ideal for any indoor (battery, electric motor) and outdoor (petrol or diesel engine) working environment.

Why choose a Jekko crane? Because it’s...


The limited size allows for passage through doors, entrance in lifts and operation in narrow places.


Jekko minicranes are lightweight therefore their transport is easy and fast and they can operate at the uppermost storeys of a building.


These minicranes can adapt to any type of narrow and small places as well as to all floors, no matter 
if uneven or tiled.

The compact size and the highly technological components let the minicranes move fast and easy.


Professional radio remote controls are used by the operator to handle the load from a safe and convenient position.


Jekko minicranes are designed and manufactured to reach a high level of precision in any single handling and lifting move.

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