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The new JF545, evolution of the specie

The latest arrival in the Jekko household, which revolutionizes traditional lifting systems by placing on tracks what has always been mounted on trucks: the articulated crane

The marriage of two different concepts in the lifting field to open up new horizons and new application opportunities. That is the perspective that gave rise to the concept of the new JF545 by Jekko, which has been recently presented to the market with the clear objective of bringing together and transforming the field of mini cranes and articulated cranes. Because the new JF – developed by the Treviso Italy company that is a world leader in mini cranes in partnership with Fassi – changes the traditional lifting systems by putting onto tracks what has always been naturally mounted on trucks: the articulated crane.

And as always, by changing perspective, one discovers a completely new world, and new scope, potential, infinite applications for an instrument that combines the strong points of different areas.

“The mini crane culture” – Diego Tomasella the CEO of Jekko explains – “is taking an important step towards articulated cranes to present an innovative product that is simple to use, within reach of a wider market that is continuously searching for new solutions, in particular in the area of maintenance and service, in increasingly complex logistical and environmental contexts”.